Monday, September 6, 2010

DBCC IND/ PAGE - Unique Non Clustered index structure

I am back after a short break. Few personal and official commitments have kept me away from posting. Apologies.From now on I will be posting at usual pace.

Continuing from my series of posts on DBCC IND, DBCC PAGE, this post will deal with the structure of Unique Non clustered index.Refer to the following links for previous posts on the same topic

1. DBCC IND/PAGE intro - Refer here
2. DBCC IND/ PAGE - Non Clustered Index structure on a table with Unique/Non unique Clustered index - Refer here

Structure of a Unique Non clustered index is different from ordinary ( Non unique ) non clustered index. The difference is that the Clustered index columns,
which are normally a part of Non clustered index, are not present in the Non leaf nodes when the Non clustered index is unique.When a Non clustered index is
unique, the clustered index columns are stored only in the leaves of the Non clustered index.

A detailed explanation on the same is given by the legendary Kalen Deanley :) Who else in the planet can explain internals better than her?
So, for more details on the topic, refer to her article here.

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