Monday, July 25, 2016

Speaking at SQL Server Geeks Annual Summit 2016

I am very happy and proud to share the news that I will be speaking in SQL Server Geeks Annual Summit 2016 to be held in Bangalore from Aug 11 to 13th. SQL Server Geeks Annual Summit is the biggest Technical conference in Asia with 60+ speakers from across the globe speaking on SQL Server and Microsoft Data platform technologies.

Last year, I travelled more than 6000 KM with in a day, just to attend one day of the conference ( Read here for my last year's experience). And yes, it was worth the effort. From a attendee trying hard to attend the event last year to be a speaker, personally it is a big leap for me. It is indeed a great honor to be speaking at a event at which other speakers are the biggest stalwarts of SQL world like  Grant Fritchely, Sunil Agarwal, Bob Ward, Andreas Wolter and many more. I can't thank enough Amit Bansal ji, good friend Manohar Punna for the opportunity.

I will be giving 4 sessions in total - 1 Regular session ( 75 minutes ) and 3 open / chalk talk sessions ( 30 minutes each). 

  • Regular Session on "The New Cardinality Estimator"
  • Chalk talk and Open talks are on "CPU Performance troubleshooting", "In Memory OLTP Versioning", "Performance Monitoring n Troubleshooting"

Refer here for the session details.

As a attendee, I am super excited about the following sessions.

1) Bob ward's session on Query Store, R technologies
2) Ajay Jagannathan on Extended events, Tempdb
3) Joe Yong on Azure
4) Sunil Agarwal's sessions on In Memory and Column store indexes
5) Amit Bansal's session on Semaphore
6) Satya Jayanty's session on BI for DBAs

There are many more wonderful sessions ( in fact 127 in total !!! ) . So, I am pretty sure it is going to be 3 days deep dive technical content of top notch which you cant find anywhere else. So if you are anywhere in India and someway connected to SQL Server, August 10 - 13 is the place to be. I can assure you wont be disappointed for sure!! Don't miss it!!!