Sunday, February 28, 2010

Favourite 10 Perfmon counters

With a boring intro of perfmon already written here, lemme get started with my favourite 10 perfmon counters.In my not so humble opinion, its a crime not to have these counters running on your production DB server.
Enabling perfmon has a negligible ( or almost none ) overhead and its no harm having these turned on as it serves as a black box to trace whats happening and what happened on our precious production servers.Quick look at all ten.Please click on the images to view the counter details.

The excel sheet prepared can be downloaded from here.

The solution column written is just a pointer indicating which area to look at. Each solution is a potential huge topic in its own right.There are few more interesting counters, but I have saved them for later discussions and just put ten most important of them.If you dont have the budget to go for those expensive monitoring tools,perfmon can certainly help.

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